Erin Davis: Well, pop in your ear buds or turn up the volume in your car or wherever you’re listening, and pull up a chair. I invite you back into the conversation we’re having here on the Women of the Bible Podcast about Rahab.

We’re walking through a study together—Rahab: Tracing the Thread of Redemption. I hope you’re not hearing us for the first time. I hope you’re walking through this study with us. But just in case, I want to introduce you to some favorite friends of mine. We’re studying the life of Rahab together in Joshua 2. I’ll let you introduce yourselves, actually, and I want to know your favorite color. Go ahead.

Paulina Torres: Well, my name is Paulina. It depends if it’s for clothes or jewelry, but I like black.

Erin: You do?

Paulina: I do.

Erin: That’s okay. It’s good for clothes.

Paulina: It is!

Erin: And everybody looks good in it.

Paulina: And it makes you look thinner!

Erin: Yes, it does! (laughter)

All right. Paulina, where are you from?

Paulina: I’m from Mexico.

Erin: And so English is not your first language.

Paulina: Yes. So please be patient.

Erin: You’re doing so well—amazing. I don’t know that I would even know that from listening to you.

Paulina: Well, thank you.

Erin: But you had to track down an English Bible.

Paulina: Yes. I had two in my house, and I needed to know which one to use.

Erin: How many Spanish …