Erin Davis: I don’t know where you are listening to this podcast—in your minivan full of kids, cruising down the road, or if you’re at home or work. But I’m so glad you’re listening!

I am thinking of the women who are listening to these words come through their speakers right now, and I just want you to know how crazy I am about you and how excited I am to get to spend the next few weeks walking through the study of Rahab with you!

I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite people here in a few minutes, who are opening the Bible with me, but you’re one of our favorites, too! If you’re listening, we want to get you to the Word of God. That is our goal. 

So we’re walking together through the study together, Rahab: Tracing the Thread of Redemption. We can’t know your name, but you can know ours. So, panel members, why don’t you introduce yourselves really quickly to those listening? 

You know what? I kind of have the first-day-of-Bible-study jitters, a little bit. Do you ever get those when a new Bible study starts?

Paulina Torres: Oh, yes, definitely! 

Erin: I want to know what is it that makes you a little bit nervous when you’re starting a new Bible study with a group of women? Maybe it is that you’ll say the wrong thing or that nobody will like you or that the food will give you a …