Erin Davis: My boys would love to celebrate Purim! Even though the story of Esther happened a long time ago, Jews still celebrate what God did in Esther’s life through the celebration of Purim, and they go into the synagogue and read the book of Esther aloud. 

Every time they read the name of Haman, they boo and hiss and make noise. That’s what my boys would love! After all that booing and hissing, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month on the Jewish calendar, Jews go back to the synagogue. 

They read the story of Esther again, but this time without the noise, without the boos, without the hisses because this time they’re not focusing on Haman; this time they’re focusing on the true center of the story: God! They go out from that place and celebrate; they give each other gifts, because it is a celebration that God intervened in the life of Esther to save His people!

As we wrap up this study, as we come to this final episode of the podcast, I don’t want us to focus on Haman, on Mordecai, or even on Esther. I hope that your focus has been targeted on the true center of the story: God! And as we’ve watched Him work in her life, He’s also at work in your life, even when you’re in circumstances you couldn’t control, even when you don’t yet know the end of the story, even when there are some people you would like to boo and hiss at . . . God is working! His providence will carry you through. 

Some friends have joined me once again as we finish this study. Our hope is that you have a renewed trust that God is working everything in your life for His good.

He has not forgotten you! He is writing the script for your life. He knows your story, because—ultimately—your story is part of God’s story!

Welcome back to the Women of the Bible podcast. I’m your host, Erin Davis, and I’m sad. It’s like the last night of Bible study when you know you’re not going to be together again for a little while. I have loved walking through the book of Esther with each of you. We’ve been walking through the study Esther: Trusting God’s Plan.

Ladies, our audience is familiar with yo. They’ve been listening to you, but tell them once again your names. I just want to go for the jugular. I’m interested in hearing what the Lord has done in your own heart through this study. So Carrie, we’ll start with you.

Carrie Gaul: I’m Carrie Gaul, and I’ve loved this study! It’s a book I’ve often read and loved but, Erin, it’s bringing a new awareness of humility and pride. Honestly, one of the things it’s done is show me how I’m like Haman in some really hard ways. 

I was talking with Dennis [her husband] the other night and I said, “I don’t want to be Haman! I want to be Esther! I want to be Mordecai!” But I’m seeing that [conviction] as a gift [from God]. Jesus is saying, “These are the areas, Carrie, I’m inviting you to walk with Me in places where you haven’t before.” So, yes, it’s been a great study!

Betsy Gómez: I’m Betsy, and I relate. I’ve studied Esther so many times, but on this occasion I’ve gained a bigger perspective of God’s sovereignty, of His invisible hand, how He’s moving, how He’s at work—even in the dark places.

And something that has really changed me is realizing that my heavenly citizenship determines how I act in this world. It was a very beautiful picture of how these people didn’t conform themselves to this culture, but they were ready to stand for what they believed and for their …