Erin Davis: Have you ever noticed that the words “humility” and “humiliation” are a lot alike? For example, right before I stepped into the studio to record this video I dumped a cup of tea all over myself! Embarrassing. The Lord can use all kinds of things to grow us in the area of humility!

Hi, I’m Erin Davis, and this is the Women of the Bible podcast. We’ve been walking through the Bible study Esther: Trusting God’s Plan. You can get your copy at This week we’re going to zero in on Haman.

Haman was the opposite of humble. He was a man motivated by pride, and ultimately—just like the Bible warns—his pride led to his destruction. In contrast, we see Mordecai and Esther, two people of faith whom we see over and over and over respond in humility.

I have some friends who have joined me to talk through the study, so pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea—make sure the lid is on tight!—and join the conversation.

We’ve made it all the way to Esther chapter 5. A lot has happened to get us here, but this is like “the moment!” If we were watching Esther in a movie, this would be the moment when we get to see the bad guy get what he deserves. So this is a great moment in the story! But before we head there, I want to introduce you to some friends that have been joining me through this study. 

So, ladies, tell us your names (even though our listeners have been listening to us for a few episodes). I want to know your favorite season of the year, because everybody has a favorite. I have a suspicion we have different favorites! So, Venessa, tell them your name and your favorite season.

Dr. Venessa Ellen: Okay, I’m Dr. Venessa Ellen, and my favorite season . . . Well, I live in Houston; we don’t have many seasons. So mine is summer, because it’s mostly summer! But, I also like a little bit of fall, because I like to lay in the bed and watch the rain fall.

Erin: Okay, that sounds nice! Do your leaves change pretty colors in Houston?

Dr. Venessa: Yes, well, not too many colors, but they change and they fall off the trees. It’s really nice. And somebody has to go out there and clean that up!

Erin: Sure! “Somebody” . . . but not you. Love that! Carrie, tell them your name, your favorite season.

Carrie Gaul: Yes, I’m Carrie Gaul, and my favorite season is usually whatever I’m in right now. This morning it’s spring, because here in Michigan the sun is out and the grass is green, and I walked outside without a coat on! It’s warm and enjoyable! We don’t have that every season of the year here in Michigan.

Erin: I’m Erin Davis, and I live in Missouri. We do have very distinct seasons. That’s the nice thing about where I live. I’m going to be the oddball. I think winter’s my favorite. I love being inside on a rainy day. Wherever I can get a rainy day—especially a rainy day where I can stay in and read a book (or write a book!), those are my favorite kinds of days!

We all live in different parts of the country, experience different seasons, that’s so fun! We’ve been walking through the book of Esther; we’ve made it to Esther 5. Let’s review a little bit what’s happened: We meet King Xerxes; he fires his queen; he has an elaborate contest to get a new queen. Esther gets chosen through this beauty pageant. 

That’s the storyline that seems happy, even though we dug into the fact that that was one ugly beauty contest! But the undercurrent of all …