Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible podcast! I’m Erin Davis, and this is season #1 on Elizabeth. We are going through the Elizabeth Bible study.

You are joining us, and we are in the Revive Our Hearts living room. I hope you are in some warm, cozy living room somewhere with some great friends who love the Word of God as much as you do. I hope there are snacks.

Meg Honnold: Some chocolate and coffee maybe? Brownies?

Erin: Somebody with a spiritual gift of hospitality really makes me want to study the Bible more. I hope there’s something warm to drink. I hope you have good friends nearby. Even if you don’t, I hope you are walking through the Elizabeth Bible study with us. I have some friends joining me who are walking through the Elizabeth Bible study with me.

If I were teaching this in my living room, we’d have a quirky question. So my quirky question this week is not that quirky. I want to know your favorite color. I feel like that tells us something about your personality.

Meg: It's supposed to, doesn’t it?

Erin: Let’s start out with your name and your favorite color.

Meg: My name is Meg. I was always a “pink” girl. But lately . . . I don’t know if it’s just season of life, but it’s olive green. It’s the color my sister’s going, “Don’t buy any more olive green stuff because you’re going to be all olive green!” So I actually managed not to wear it today. But that’s my color right now.

Alejandra Slemin: There’s a hint.

Meg: There is a hint, but it’s pretty neutral.

Erin: She has excellent taste.

Meg: If I’m dressing like your granny, I’m a wise woman!

Alejandra: My name is Alejandra, and I love blue.

Erin: Is that because you grew up on the beach?

Alejandra: I grew up on the beach, so any shade of blue I love.

Erin: Does your house have a lot of blue in it?

Alejandra: My house doesn’t have a lot of blue. I have a lot of green—olive green, actually! We live in the mountains. So blue doesn’t go so well.

Erin: Our listeners can look up [online] for more information on all of us. But you lived in the Dominican and now you live in Canada.

Alejandra: Exactly. So in Canada we have gray skies—at least where I live on the West Coast. But in the Dominican, as soon as you wake up, the sky is bright blue. You go to the beach and it is turquoise and different shades of blue as you look at the ocean.

Erin: That’s where we need to have the next Women of the Bible podcast!

Alejandra: I'd do it! Let’s go!

Erin: I’m Erin Davis, and I’m the content manager at Revive Our Hearts, and my favorite color is yellow.

Alejandra: Yellow . . . I love yellow roses.

Meg: Yellow is the happy color. Sunshine.

Alejandra: I used to have a yellow kitchen . . . really bright.

Erin: I did too. I regret that.

Meg: But you think, “It’s light. It’s happy. It’s cheerful.”

Erin: I accidentally painted my whole house purple. I was trying for a gray tone, but somehow it went real bad. My husband was painting and he said, “She’s painting the whole house purple.”

So . . . we’re not here to talk about paint colors, or colors in general. We’re here to talk about Elizabeth. I hope you’ve been walking through the study with us. All of Elizabeth’s story is contained in just one chapter of the Bible. It’s Luke chapter 1. It’s a quick read.

We don’t often think about Elizabeth in terms of disappointment, but that’s what we are looking at her for …