Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible podcast. This is season one, and we are studying about Elizabeth. Hopefully you’ve heard some other episodes in this season. If you have, you know that Elizabeth’s story is contained in a single chapter of the Bible. I should say, what we know about Elizabeth is contained in a single chapter of the Bible.

We’ll talk more about what we don’t know today. This is session five. In the Bible study it’s called “The Final Chapter.” Even though it is not the final chapter of the Bible study. We’ll explore why that is.

But we are a group of ladies going through this Bible study in the Revive Our Hearts living room. I hope that you are going through this study with some friends, some ladies from your church.

I’m going through it with some friends.

I’m Erin Davis, and I’m joined by some friends. I’m going to let them introduce themselves. I always start a Bible study with a quirky question. If we were at my house, this would be my question. I would have you tell your names. I’ve got to be honest, I do that every week because I forget.

Alejandra Slemin: I see what you are doing.

Erin: It’s week five, and I should know their names. So . . . say your name . . .

Meg Honnold: I’m going to steal that; that’s helpful.

Erin: So I would say, “Say your name, and this …