Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible podcast. This is season one, all about Elizabeth. We find Elizabeth’s story in just one chapter of the Bible in Luke 1. As we’ve been talking, I feel like Elizabeth has a lot to teach us about dealing with disappointment.

So you’re joining us in the Revive Our Hearts living room. We are woman who are walking through this Bible study just like you have or just like you are going to do. Bible studies are always better with friends.

So I hope that you have walked through Elizabeth with friends. I hope that you have read session six or are getting ready to read session six. Session six is all about singing.

If you were in my living room on my sheep farm getting ready to do Elizabeth, I would have a question to ask you to just get the conversation started. My question is, What is something that you’ve tried really hard to like, but just don’t? Tell us your name and tell us your thing.

I’m Erin Davis. You aren’t going to like this. We’re going to get hateful emails. But mine is the Rocky movies. My husband loves the Rocky movies. My boys love the Rocky movies. But I don’t get it. I don’t get why there are so many of them. I feel sad about the movies. I don’t like the fights in the movies. I’ve tried. I’ve watched them, and I’ve tried.

Alejandra Slemin: I’ve felt the same way about something else.

Erin: What is it?

Alejandra: My name is Alejandra. I cannot understand why people like country music. I know you love it, probably.

Erin: I was born in Nashville.

Alejandra: Sorry . . . but I cannot understand the words, anything behind it . . . and I love music.

Erin: This is a Bible study about disappointments, and I am disappointed.

Alejandra: Yes, you are disappointed.

Erin: But it is okay. You’ve listened to them?

Alejandra: I have. My musical ear cannot stand that, period!

Erin: Okay, I’m not going to try and convert you.

Alejandra: I appreciate your acceptance level me.

Jaquelle Crowe: That’s okay, because I feel like I’m going to get a lot of hate mail too. My name is Jaquelle, and I’ve tried really hard to like coffee, but I just can’t.

Alejandra: NO!

Jaquelle: I’m sorry.

Erin: I have to go in my prayer closet and pray for you. Have you tried it?

Jaquelle: I have tried coffee, many kinds. People are convinced if I just try good enough coffee that I’ll magically like it. It hasn’t worked.

Erin: You know, I appreciate that. You are a young woman; you’re a millennial, and you are an Indian walking to the beat of your own drum. Most have a whole line item in their budget for it.

Alejandra: After you have your first child, then we’ll see if you still can function. It’s not just if you like it.

Jaquelle: I’m open to it.

Erin: My husband’s aunt is the same way. She’s practically perfect in every way, but Mexican food and coffee.

Jaquelle: The Mexican food, I can’t get that, but the coffee I can.

Erin: Well, that’s a good question. If you are studying this with a group . . .

Alejandra: You’ll get to know the ladies better and figure them out.

Erin: We’ve made it to week six in Elizabeth, and it’s all about singing. So I have to know, are either of you good singers?

Alejandra: I can get around keys and play a little bit.

Jaquelle: I can carry a tune.

Erin: I’m a really good shower singer, but I’m not phenomenal.

Alejandra: There is something about bathrooms.

Erin: But I’m not a really good singer. But this whole last session …