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Episode 7: My Relationships Are Not About Me

Erin Davis: Laura, has God ever asked you to love someone you found hard to love?

Laura Booz: Yes, actually this happened recently, and it surprised me. We were observing Orphan Sunday at church. I mean, my heart was just wrung dry with emotion! We were hearing stories about adoptive parents and foster parents.

Our pastor took us to the Scripture about “loving the least of these,” (Matt. 25:40, 45), and I just had my hands open, my heart open: “Lord, I will love whomever You put in my path!”

And I guess I was picturing embracing little babies, and inviting some children from the city to come and love our farm. 

Later in the afternoon, I had taken our older children to the park. They were playing. I thought I was just going to be able to sit on the bench and have some quiet time with my Bible …

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About the Teacher

Erin Davis

Erin Davis

Erin Davis is married to her high school sweetheart, Jason, and together they parent four energetic boys on their small farm in the midwest. She is the author of more than a dozen books and Bible studies, the content manager … read more …

About the Guest

Laura Booz

Laura Booz

Laura Booz is an author and the mother of six children. She looks for the beautiful ways God is working in our lives.