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Leslie Basham: Yesterday on Revive Our Hearts, Shona and David Murray talked about the importance of sleep and exercise. That led us to wonder, If it’s hard to fit it all in, which is more important? Sleep or exercise?

Dr. David Murray: I think if you’re at the end of day and you have to choose between exercise or sleep, what you want to do is a little exercise, like a non-vigorous walk, so that you’re not getting all these chemicals going that make you alert and bright and not able to sleep all night. but do enough stimulation to get your body into a state where you can enjoy better sleep. Because I think that’s the wonderful thing about exercise; it helps you sleep better!

Dr. Shona Murray: You have to fit it in, again, within your limitations. If you’ve had a long, busy day, you can live in …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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