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Dannah Gresh: It’s known as deputation. For over two years, Charles and Stephanie Wesco traveled from church to church sharing their vision to join God’s work as missionaries to Africa and inviting others to join their support team. Charles often preached.

Recording of Charles Wesco: Serving Christ always comes with a cost, and yet, in America, we’re like the rich, young ruler sometimes. “I’ve been here/done this.” We want to figure out some way to make a side hobby out of Christianity. We want to figure out a way without the cost, without losing any of earth’s treasures, to still have a comfortable life and still lay up treasure in heaven. How foolish! How utterly foolish that is!

Dannah: And Stephanie kept the family going. They lived in a motor home along with their eight children. She wrote this in her journal looking back on that time.

Stephanie Wesco: Those …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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