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Leslie Basham: Judy Starr learned from experience not to trust her heart.

Judy Starr: When your heart is so tied to another individual, you will do anything that it takes to be with them, regardless of how stupid and foolish your decisions become.

Leslie Basham: It’s Thursday, February 2nd, and you’re listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

It’s been said that the way to know whether you’ve made an idol in your heart is when you’re either willing to sin in order to get it or sin because you can’t have it. Today we’ll hear how Judy Starr turned from the idol she had made in her heart, a relationship with a man who wasn’t her husband. Here’s Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: There’s no question, is there, that we live in a fallen, messed up world. According to the book of James, we are all …

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