• 30 January ‘06 – 6 February ‘06

Revive Our HeartsWomen and Infidelity, with Judy Starr and Holly Elliff

Do you know how to affair-proof your heart, mind, and marriage? Nancy welcomes Judy Starr and Holly Elliff to tackle the tough issue of sexual infidelity. Judy transparently and candidly tells what God taught her through a narrow escape from marital disastor, and she demonstrates how to protect your moral purity God's way.

Episodes in this season

Dangerous Choices

Sin always starts in the mind. We imagine what it would be like to give in to temptation before we actually do. T View More →

Turning to Honesty

If you were in love with someone other than your spouse and someone confronted you about it, how would you respond? View More →


How do you rebuild your marriage when you’ve been unfaithful? Judy Starr didn’t commit literal adultery, but her heart had wandered. View More →

A Way of Escape

If you start keeping secrets from your spouse, the guilt and pressure can build until it feels like you’re going to explode. View More →