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True Woman Ambassadors

Leslie Basham: Angela Temples faithfully serves behind the scenes at Revive Our Hearts. Her business card reads: “Administrative Assistant.”

Angela Temples: “What is it that you do at ROH?” Whatever they tell me.

Leslie: Those who work with Angela know that she tackles her tasks with joy.

Angela: It’s what the Lord’s called me to do. For this time in my life, this is what the Lord has called me to do.

René Hanebutt: It’s not like you’re punching a clock. You’re dealing with people’s lives.

Leslie: This is René Hanebutt. Her cubicle sits across from Angela’s. Her business card says: “Event Coordinator.”

René: It’s for eternity. And when you’re dealing on that level, it’s more than a job; it’s our lives.

Leslie: Earlier this year, René and Angela were in a meeting making plans for the True Woman conference coming to Fort Worth in October.

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