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Together in Prayer, Day 1

Season:  Together in Prayer | Topics: Prayer

Leslie Basham: When Priscilla Shirer spoke at True Woman Conference in 2012, she was impressed by how much time was spent at the conference in prayer.

Priscilla Shirer: Very rarely do you find a conference setting where there are so many women gathered. Maybe at a smaller setting, maybe if there are 50 or 100 women you see this more frequently, but when you get into the thousands, you very rarely see so much time set aside where together we are literally grabbing hands, and we’re saying, “Lord, come and revive our marriages; revive our children; revive our own hearts.”

Very rarely do you see time actually scheduled for that. There might be a prayer chapel somewhere, and you can go pray if you want to, and that’s a valid thing. But very rarely do you say, “All 8,000 of us, we’re getting ready to pray, and we’re going to …

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