A Call to Revival

Sept. 22, 2012 Bill Elliff speaking at A Call to Revival

Pastor Bill Elliff looks at the serious needs of our world today and explains why revival represents true hope. He has seen firsthand how revival can transform individuals and churches. He'll show you how to pray for widespread revival that can transform nations.

Running Time: 48 minutes


I want you to imagine something with me. I want you to pretend with me that your children or grandchildren or family, those that are closest to you are in London, England.

Let's just pretend that you hear on the news the story that an epidemic has hit London, and it's a terminal disease. It is quickly taking the life of every single person in London, and your children are there. Those you love are there.

And then just for the sake of illustration, I want you to pretend that somehow you are unaware that there is modern means of transportation. You don't know that there are cars and trains and planes and ships that you could take you there.

Then also pretend with me that you have the cure; that you are holding in your hands that which would bring instant healing to all those who are there. But …


Scripture References

  • Psalms 85:2-9

About the Speaker

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff is the Directional Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a frequent conference speaker, writer, and consultant to churches, drawing from more than fifty years of pastoring and revival ministry. He is the Pastor/Church Director for OneCry! and is passionate about seeing genuine revival in the church. Bill and his wife, Holly, have eight children.