• 15 November ‘04 – 19 November ‘04

Revive Our HeartsThe 1904 Welsh Revival

Can you imagine a whole city shutting down for two hours a day for prayer? It’s happened before—and it could happen again! You won’t want to miss this special series, as Nancy and Welsh pastor Kevin Adams, along with other experts, present a historical documentary about the great Welsh revival of 1904.

Episodes in this season

The Calling of Evan Roberts

Do you long to see God bring revival to your church, to your nation? On today's Revive Our Hearts we learn a little more about the Welsh revival. View More →

The Break Came

A nationwide revival was sparked in Wales in 1904. Those who experienced revival responded to four main points. View More →

The Churches Were Packed

Why would parents take children to a church service with no nursery, no video screens and no engaging sermon? They did it because God was doing something. View More →

The Church Found Her Song

If you look around today, and you feel grieved or heavy-hearted by all the sin you see, I think today's program will offer you great hope. View More →