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Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 2

Leslie Basham:

Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

Well you would tell me about the only part of Little Rock you have ever seen. You would say, "It has walls that are kind of a...what color are those walls? Kind of gray? It has windows along the bottom here; there are lights up in the ceiling. You would describe to me what you know of Little Rock. And this would be a part of Little Rock, but it would be a very limited part of Little Rock.

Now suppose I said to you, "No, there is much more to Little Rock. You need to get out of this room. You need to get into your car and start driving." So you drive 10-15-20 minutes, and you start discovering a whole new world. And you get about 20 minutes from here into downtown Little Rock, and you would say, "Now I know what Little …

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