• 6 April ‘16 – 7 April ‘16

Revive Our HeartsYour Thought Closet Makeover (Jennifer Rothschild)

Every woman has a closet full of everything she’s placed there; some is attractive, lots is outdated, ugly, or just doesn’t fit! Every woman also has a thought closet full of everything she’s said to herself for years. Some of the self talk content is attractive and useful. But, lots of it is ugly, outdated, and just doesn’t fit because it isn’t based on truth! Jennifer provides practical strategies for guarding the closet door and give you biblical statements you can speak to your own soul.

Episodes in this season

Jennifer Rothschild, Day 2

Jennifer Rothschild says when you’re tempted to believe a lie, you need to reject it. But you also need to replace that lie and tell yourself the truth. View More →