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Jennifer Rothschild, Day 1

Leslie Basham: Jennifer Rothschild got an invitation from a well-known talk show host to be on his television program. He was interviewing a couple whose children were deaf and blind.

Jennifer Rothschild: 
And he asked me to come and me to come and be a voice of encouragement to the mom and the dad. What a great opportunity.

Leslie: After losing her sight many years ago, Jennifer learned to lean on God’s strength. She now passes encouragement to others through her writing and speaking. Her segment on the talk show went very well, and she stayed in contact with the host’s wife. 

So when Jennifer and her husband, Phil, traveled back to California where the show was taped, they wanted to visit the set again. The host’s wife set up the details.

Jennifer: She said yes. And she had it all set up for us. She was even going to …

About the Teacher

Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer Rothschild's life drastically changed at the age of fifteen when she lost her sight; now, more than thirty-five years later, she boldly and compassionately teaches women how to walk by faith, not sight. Jennifer has shared her inspiring message … read more …