• 3 September ‘19 – 27 September ‘19

Revive Our HeartsYou Can Trust God to Write Your Story

What’s your story? Are there chapters you’re embarrassed about?  Has it taken some plot twists you regret? Robert Wolgemuth and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth will challenge you to trust God to write your story and use the events in your life to give Him glory.

Episodes in this season

In the Fires of Refinement

Kerry Tittle experienced something unthinkable. She watched as a tornado destroyed her home, killing her husband and two teenage daughters. View More →

When Tragedy Strikes

Do you ever feel like your life hasn’t unfolded according to all your hopes and dreams?  Nancy says God can take your disappointment and use it. View More →

When You Watch Others Suffer

There’s nothing quite like caring for a parent who’s descending into the darkness of dementia. Holly helps you prepare for dark seasons you may go through. View More →

The End

Imagine a gymnast who delivers an amazing Olympic routine. But she doesn’t stick the landing. It could ruin everything. Our lives are kind of like that. View More →