• 3 March ‘22 – 15 April ‘22

Revive Our HeartsThe Wonder of His Name

When you study the names of Jesus, you’ll see Him in a deeper way.  When you get to know the Savior, the Lord, the Lamb of God, the Light, and the Good Shepherd, we pray you’ll get to know Jesus Himself.

Episodes in this season

His Great Name

How many names of Jesus can you think of? The Word. The Son of Man. Messiah. Christ. Lord. When you study Jesus' names, you’ll see Him in a whole new light. View More →

His Name Is Jesus

It’s easy to get accustomed to the name “Jesus.” We read it on toys, books, and song titles. But Nancy reminds you that the name “Jesus” is amazing. View More →

His Name Is The Word

Do you ever wish God would speak to you, let you know what He thinks and give you direction? Nancy says God has done that. View More →

His Name Is Son of God

Jesus was the Son of Mary and Joseph. He was also the Son of David, the Son of Abraham, and the Son of God. You can see it’s a big deal that Jesus was a Son. View More →

His Name Is Son of Man

We know Jesus was the Son of God. So why did He constantly refer to Himself as the “Son of Man"? Nancy unpacks this name of Christ. View More →

His Name Is Immanuel

Jesus received one of His names 700 years before He was born. God’s people heard about this name while under a severe threat from enemy armies. View More →

His Name Is Mighty God

Do you ever get worried about the future? Are you frustrated at ungodly decisions among powerful people or government leaders? You don’t have to fear. View More →

He Is Our Captain

Do you ever worship Jesus as your captain—your Commander-in-Chief? You may not feel like much of a soldier, but if you know Christ, He is your Captain. View More →

His Name Is I AM

Do you realize how many times Jesus used the name I AM to describe Himself? Nancy shows several examples and explains why this name is so meaningful. View More →

He Is the Bread of Life

Imagine hearing someone say, “Eat my bread and live forever!” One person did say that. A lot of people heard it as an outrageous claim. View More →

He Is the Light of the World

“I am the Light of the World.” When Jesus made this claim, it wasn’t just a simple metaphor. To His original hearers, this would have been a big deal. View More →

He Is the Good Shepherd

When Jesus claimed to be the Good Shepherd, it was more than just a casual figure of speech. The people who heard Him knew His claim was a very big deal. View More →

He Is The Truth

When a piano tuner adjusts your piano, he uses a tuning fork. Nancy explains why tuning to an objective standard is important. It matters in music and life. View More →

He Is Our Savior

Too many people think of salvation as a one-time event that makes them right with God. Then they go on with life as normal. View More →

His Name Is Lord

Can Jesus be your Savior but not your Lord? People separate these terms all the time. But Nancy says you can’t separate those terms so easily. View More →

He Is Our Head

It’s easy for us in the Body of Christ to forget that we need to be connected to Jesus—the head of the Body. View More →

His Name Is Advocate

Imagine being before a strict judge and you know you’re guilty. The truth is everyone is in that situation as sinners before God, but you have an Advocate. View More →

His Name Is Bridegroom

When a woman is engaged, she starts counting down the days until her wedding. When you know Christ, it’s like being engaged; a wedding's coming. View More →

His Name Is King

Throughout history, a battle has raged between earthly rulers and the true King. And that battle for rulership still continues. View More →

His Name Is Man of Sorrows

What sorrow are you carrying today? Jesus knows what it’s like to carry sorrow just like you. Find out why the sorrow of Jesus can give you comfort. View More →

His Name Is Redeemer

The term “redemption” gets thrown around casually. But it is crucial for all of us. Nancy traces the concept of redemption throughout Scripture. View More →

His Name Is Lamb of God

Scripture tells us about a battle. On one side is a dragon and a terrible beast. On the other side is a lamb. Who do you think will win? View More →

His Name Is Amen

You probably use the word “amen” all the time. But do you know what it means? Nancy shows you what it means and why it matters so much. View More →