• 13 September ‘11 – 23 September ‘11

Revive Our HeartsWalking Through Life's Deserts

Nancy looks at the desert as a picture of certain seasons in our lives. Through this study of two different desert experiences recorded in Scripture, we'll learn what God has to say about how we get into the desert, why He allows these experiences, and how we can learn and grow through these trying, difficult times.

Episodes in this season

Surprised in the Desert

When you feel especially close to God--like He’s using you in powerful ways--expect to go through some times that are less emotional and less fulfilling. View More →

Handling Hardships

When you’re in a season of God doing great things through you, be careful. The time right afterward might bring a lot of temptation. View More →

"I Can't Do This!"

If you had to leave a nice house to live somewhere full of mud and rats, how would you respond? A woman who experienced just this had a surprising discovery. View More →

Discipline in the Desert

When parents discipline their children, it demonstrates their love for them. Today, find out why God sometimes disciplines His children. View More →

Tested in the Desert

How did you feel in school when your teacher announced a pop quiz? Tests and quizzes don’t end when you leave school. In fact, you might be in one now. View More →

Equipped in the Desert

When trouble comes into your life, maybe you just see--trouble. But God sees an opportunity to teach you something new. Get some hope for facing problems. View More →

Demands in the Desert

There’s a big difference between asking God for what you need and demanding what you want. Today, Nancy teaches you to recognize the difference. View More →

Surviving the Desert

Could you survive in the desert? You could, if someone taught you how and helped you prepare. The same is true for spiritual deserts. View More →