• 2 June ‘03 – 11 June ‘03

Seven Secrets for Singles

You may not have a choice about your marital status, but you can choose what you do with your singleness. Nancy offers seven practical commitments that are the pathway to true blessing for every unmarried believer.

Episodes in this season

The Power of Emotion

Nancy talks about three emotions that can lead us into danger. Find out what they are and how she handles them in her life. View More →


Have you set up any practical guidelines (morally) that will help you in the workplace? Nancy shares some of the "hedges" that she has set for herself. View More →

The Family of God

Nancy talks about the importance of being part of a church, the importance of functioning and serving in a community of faith--especially for singles. View More →

Femininity on the Job

As single women, we have to be the breadwinner and we depend on a paycheck. Nancy helps us see where our security really lies. View More →