• 17 September ‘07 – 21 September ‘07

Revive Our HeartsSeeking Him (week 2)—Humility: Coming to God on His Terms

Pride is the "anti-God state of mind," according to C.S. Lewis. Learn to avoid the danger of pride while embracing the joy of humility in the series Seeking Him—Humility: Coming to God on His Terms.

Episodes in this season

A Pride Test

Pride keeps us far from God. Pride keeps the presence and the power of God out of our churches. View More →

Broken People

The idea of something being broken is usually a bad thing. However, when it comes to your spiritual life, brokenness isn’t a nuisance; it’s necessary. View More →

Brokenness Brings Blessing

In school, before students move into their core curriculum, they have to pass the prerequisites. There are also prerequisites when it comes to revival. View More →

Humble Prayer

Is pride standing in the way of a good prayer life? Nancy helps you understand the concept of humble prayer as she concludes a study of humity. View More →