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Leslie Basham: When is the last time you prayed for revival?

Dick Eastman: Father, we are indifferent. We are apathetic. We talk about revival. We desire revival. We preach about revival. We study revival. Yet, Lord, we don’t experience it within our heart because that sense of spiritual coma, that debt that is there because of sin and pride and an unbroken heart.

So, Lord, we intercede for the church. I pray for the church where I am. I pray for my life. I pray for my brothers and sisters. Lord, I cry out for that.

Leslie: It’s Friday, September 21, and you’re listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Seeking Him. That’s the name of a workbook that has helped listeners all across the country experience personal revival. A lot of listeners are going through this study right now. They’re on Week Two of the study on …

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