• 22 May ‘23 – 31 May ‘23

Revive Our HeartsSatisfying Our Thirst (The Woman at the Well)

Nancy challenges you to consider the wells you are looking to when you’re thirsty, and reminds you that nothing and no one other than Christ can truly satisfy your deepest longings.

Episodes in this season

You Can Be Free From Guilt

Our guilt from past sins can feel like a heavy burden we have to carry. But Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Andrea Griffith show us how to be free from that weight. View More →

A Thirsty Heart

Nancy Stafford actually was Miss Florida in the Miss America beauty pageant. But she still felt like something was missing. View More →

The Hole in Our Hearts

Nancy reminds us that we’re all born with a hole in our heart that we’re always trying to fill. She gives us the only possible key to filling that hole. View More →

Come to Jesus

Would you rather drink from a fountain of stagnant, poisonous water or fresh, life-giving water? That’s the choice Jesus gave a woman in Samaria 2000 years ago. View More →