• 17 January ‘13 – 22 January ‘13

Revive Our HeartsRescue the Perishing

You won't want to miss this moving story of how God rescued one young woman and her unborn son. You'll also hear a message Nancy gave at the annual banquet of her local Pregnancy Care Center.

Episodes in this season

No Place for a Child

When she was thirteen, Angie heard the sounds of her mother trying to kill her dad. But God was able to reach into this incredibly bleak home. View More →

Who Had Been Praying?

As a 17-year-old, Angie found herself pregnant. She had no home, job, or support. Abortion seemed like the obvious solution, but something inside her resisted. View More →

The God of Life

Do you ever feel all alone? That’s how Angie felt. She was pregnant, jobless, penniless and despondent. But all was not lost! View More →