• 4 May ‘20 – 5 May ‘20

Revive Our HeartsRachel's Hope

With just 6–18 weeks to live, Rachel Barkey encourages women with the four principles that have shaped her into the woman she is today—one whose foundation is unshakable even in the face of death. Pray that many women will press in closer to Jesus Christ as they hear how He has been Rachel’s source of strength, courage, and hope in her five-year battle with cancer.

Episodes in this season

Time Is Terribly Short

In the final months of her life, Rachael Barkey delivered a very emotional message to a crowd that had come to listen to her. Hear her story today. View More →

A Faith that Saves

"We all have faith in something, but not all faiths save." That statement was made by a woman dying of cancer. She’ll challenge you to evaluate your faith. View More →