• 9 July ‘12 – 12 July ‘12

Revive Our HeartsPractical Counsel on Singleness, with Carolyn McCulley

The apostle Paul calls singleness a “gift.” Accepting that gift involves a lot of practical decisions. Carolyn McCulley and Nancy Leigh DeMoss tackle practical questions that will help you faithfully devote your singleness to the Lord.

Episodes in this season

Singleness and Unselfishness

Paul calls singleness a gift. Even if you’ve accepted it, there are practical decisions you need to make when living out your singleness before the Lord. View More →

Is It Okay to Pursue Men?

If a woman is trusting God with her singleness, how does she let a potential spouse know she’s interested? Is it okay to pursue a relationship and trust God? View More →

Do You Trust God to Satisfy?

Is there some circumstance you wish God would change? What do you do when year by year He doesn’t change your circumstances? Carolyn McCulley addresses that. View More →