• 20 April ‘10 – 30 April ‘10

Revive Our HeartsModesty: Does God Really Care What I Wear?

When you have a modest heart, making wise clothing choices will become a lot easier. Learn why modesty matters in 2010. Get practical insight into your clothing choices, and gain a new heart for modesty. Evaluate your wardrobe for God’s glory by listening to the series "Modesty: Does God Care What I Wear?"

Episodes in this season

The Quiz

If you’ve done any shopping lately, you’ve probably looked at a piece of clothing and asked yourself, "Is this modest?" View More →

Godly Garments

Getting new clothes can be fun. But when Adam and Eve were clothed by God, it wasn’t fun at all. View More →

My Brother's Keeper

Cain was the first to ask the question, and many have used it as an excuse ever since: "Am I my brother’s keeper?" View More →

Mixed Messages

It takes more than words to communicate. The expressions on your face, hand gestures, even volume--all these, and more, help you express yourself. View More →

Candles and Gunpowder

Feminine beauty was once compared to a candle. There's nothing wrong with it, but you have to treat it carefully when walking through a room full of gunpowder. View More →

Partial Disclosure

Can you cover all your skin and still be immodest? Yes, according to Nancy. She'll give some wise and practical counsel. View More →