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My Brother's Keeper

Leslie Basham: Voddie Baucham is pastor of preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas, so he's seen what immodesty can do in a local congregation.

Voddie Baucham: I think modesty's a tremendous issue. Unfortunately, we've been jaded. We see immodesty so much that we don't recognize it anymore. The envelope has been pushed so far that there are things that we're willing to accept that we never would have in another time or another era. So usually when we talk about modesty, we're talking about modesty relative to the culture, not from a biblical perspective, not from the standpoint of the purpose of a woman's modesty and the purpose of a woman presenting herself in a way that is honoring to her Lord and also to her husband.

I think modesty is really important, but I think modesty oftentimes, again, we get to the practical, pragmatic issues—how short …

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