• 6 August ‘12 – 9 August ‘12

Revive Our HeartsLies Young Women Believe with Dannah Gresh

"I'm ugly." "I would feel so much better if I had a boyfriend." "God's not really involved in my life." Destructive lies like these bombard young women every day. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Dannah Gresh are out to expose these lies, and to share the truth that sets young women free. Learn how to communicate the truth with the young women in your life.

Episodes in this season

I Wish I Had Known

Do you ever wish you could go back and live your life over, acting on the lessons you’ve learned along the way? Of course you can’t do that. View More →

Freedom from Fear

A young woman named Erin suffered ongoing panic attacks and wondered if she would ever be free. Find out why she needed older women to mentor her. View More →