• 1 August ‘14 – 11 August ‘14

Revive Our HeartsLessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 1): Learning to be Victorious

Learn from Joshua’s early years how to depend on God’s supernatural power, because He is trustworthy, and because nothing is too difficult for Him!

Episodes in this season

Your Greatest Opportunity

Over the last six months, the word “crisis” has been used many times to describe our world. Do you know how many great opportunities there are in a crisis? View More →

Engaging in Battle

God has a role for each person. There are those who pray and those who send. And there are those who actually go into the battle and fight. View More →

The Lord Our Banner

We can’t do anything without God. He is our only true source of strength. But that doesn’t mean He wants us to sit around and do nothing. View More →