• 30 April ‘07 – 11 May ‘07

Leaving a Godly Legacy (Psalm 127)

In the study of Psalm 127–128, Nancy challenges her listeners to leave a godly legacy by living out the biblical roles and responsibilities assigned to them by God. Nancy is joined by her friends Steve and Debby Canfield, three of their six children (ages 12–30), and a daughter-in-law who share practical insights about passing the baton of faith on to the next generation.

Episodes in this season

Hope for Imperfect Parents

Wouldn’t it be nice for parents if they had a recipe for perfect kids? Instead of following a list of steps, however, parents need to cry out to God. View More →

Your Child's Heart

Your kids probably know the list of rules they have to follow in your home, but do they understand the deeper moral issues behind those rules. View More →

Shooting the Arrows

When you hear about war and terrorism, do you find yourself wanting to pull your family close, and stay inside until the world is safer? View More →

Real-World Families

Clothing. Music. TV. It seems like parents and children have been disagreeing about these topics for generations. Learn how to tackle subjects like these. View More →