• 15 December ‘03 – 29 December ‘03

Revive Our HeartsJesus: Our Source of Blessing

The concept of blessing and cursing runs throughout the Word of God. Nancy examines this theme as it is woven throughout the story of God’s love for us and Christ’s redemption on the cross.

Episodes in this season

The Curse

If God wants to bless us, why is there so much pain in life? Listen as Nancy talks about the heart of God. View More →

Two Mountains

Learn how to discover the fullness of the New Testament with Nancy on today's Revive Our Hearts. View More →

400 Years of Silence

Using the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Nancy gives us an important message and offers us a chance to "break the spell of the long winter. View More →

Joy to the World

Rejoice in the joy of your life--the joy of the world. Join us on today's Revive Our Hearts as Nancy teaches us about the blessings we have in Christ. View More →