• 1 September ‘03 – 5 September ‘03

Revive Our HeartsFinding Freedom From Addiction, with Ed Welch

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, gambling, or something else, addictions are a major problem in our society. But what’s the solution? And how can we help those we love overcome their problems? This week Nancy welcomes biblical counselor Ed Welch as he shares wisdom from the Scriptures on the ultimate reason for addictions, and how we can find hope and healing.

Episodes in this season

Misplaced Worship

"My husband is in an addictive pattern and it's devastating our family." If this woman's e-mail echoes your anguish, you won't want to miss today's program. View More →


What does the Bible have to say about addictions? What steps should we take when we can't say no to our desires or we live with someone who can't. View More →

When He's Addicted

Are you living with a husband who is addicted? What does God want you to do? Dr. Welch offers practical steps to help wives handle their husband's addictions. View More →