• 10 May ‘13 – 17 May ‘13

Revive Our HeartsFifty Years of Walking with God

Nancy shares some of the most important things she’s learned in half a century of walking with the Lord. As Nancy recounts the wondrous works of God in her life, be reminded of His faithful, steadfast ways through every season, every challenge, and every opportunity.

Episodes in this season

Creating a God-Centered Home

How can parents or teachers create an environment that encourages children to have a heart for the Lord? Nancy looks back on fifty years of walking with God. View More →

A Happy Surrender

If you walk with the Lord for any length of time, you’ll go through dry seasons. What do you do when you don’t feel like being close to the Lord? View More →

The Value of Guardrails

Imagine driving on a high mountain pass. If the edge is protected by guard rails, you can enjoy the drive. Nancy describes guard rails for your relationships. View More →