• 4 June ‘07 – 8 June ‘07

Revive Our HeartsDon't Waste Your Suffering, with Molly Veldt

Guest Molly Veldt shares her story of God's redemption and the eternal lessons learned through the premature death of three of her children from a rare neurological disease. Nancy and Holly Elliff join Molly Veldt as she shares candidly about her difficult journey down this road of suffering and pain. Molly's story not only challenges us to trust our suffering Savior as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but also offers the incredible hope that we can receive from the God of all comfort.

Episodes in this season

Inward Renewal

As a young wife who grew up going to church, Molly Veldt expected God to lead her new family down a smooth, easy path. View More →

God's Loving Hands

A sacred moment. That’s how Molly Veldt described watching her young son die. Find out what Molly learned concerning trust and eternity. View More →


After losing two sons to a genetic disease, Molly Veldt was ready to move on into the process of adoption and onto the mission field. View More →

A Good Giver

What happens when you think you know all the right answers, but reality rears its ugly head to prove otherwise? View More →