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Leslie Basham: When Molly Veldt received very bad news from her doctor, she called it a dark day.

Molly Veldt: In my initial thoughts of that diagnosis, I didn’t feel thankful. I didn’t feel grateful. I didn’t feel like God was the one I could trust at that time. I was so just disappointed, so disappointed that this was the path that He had chosen for us.

Leslie: It’s Wednesday, June 6, and this is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Molly Veldt lost two children to a genetic disease and recognized God walking with her every step of the way. If you missed any of this moving story, you can hear it at

After her two sons died, Molly’s life grew even more complicated. Let’s pick up the conversation between Molly, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Holly Elliff.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Holly, as we’ve been listening to …

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