• 26 October ‘15 – 2 November ‘15

Revive Our HeartsA Breath of New Life (2 Kings 4)

Everyone is going to experience both joy and sorrow in life. Nancy will help you prepare for the ups and downs coming your way by telling you the biblical story of a godly, generous woman who lost her husband and her son. In her grief, she saw God work in powerful ways.

Episodes in this season

A Breath of New Life, Part 2

If you’re not satisfied with what you have right now, you’re not going to be satisfied by getting more. Nancy shows you how to be growing in contentment. View More →

A Breath of New Life, Part 5

Where do you turn with your deepest needs? To friends? Counselors? Books or conferences? Nancy says none of these things will ultimately solve your problem. View More →

A Breath of New Life, Part 6

A biblical woman went through a roller coaster of experiences. Miraculous birth, death, resurrection, famine. Do you feel like your life is like that? View More →