• 25 May ‘18 – 5 June ‘18

Revive Our HeartsThe True Woman Manifesto: Affirmations, Part 3

Many believers who claim to be "pro life" actually aren’t very "pro life." Find out why as Nancy takes you into the heart issues behind some of today’s controversial life issues.

Episodes in this season

Why Is Human Life Precious?

The sanctity of human life is a contentious issue in our culture. But why is life so precious? Nancy explains the biblical basis for the sanctity of life. View More →

A High and Holy Calling

God has equipped women to nurture life. Nancy says this manifests itself in various ways. Consider the ways God wants you to nurture life. View More →

The Core of Femininity

How would you define the word femininity? You don’t need stereotypes to come up with a definition. You just need the Word of God. View More →