• 19 January ‘09 – 22 January ‘09

Revive Our HeartsAdvocates for the Unborn, with Alan Parker & Sandra Cano & Luana Stoltenberg

January 22nd marks the anniversary of the two court decisions, Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton, that legalized abortion in the United States. Join Nancy this week as she talks with Alan Parker of the Justice Foundation, Sandra Cano, the Doe of Doe vs. Bolton, and Luana Stoltenberg of Operation Outcry. Discover the exciting ministry occurring on the human life front.

Episodes in this season

No Choices

Sandra Cano didn’t want to have an abortion. Yet this woman, who was vulnerable after making some bad choices, got wrapped up in the Roe vs. Wade. View More →

From a Mess to a Message

God is willing to forgive every sin, including ending a child’s life. One woman shares her wrenching story of abortion, forgiveness, and healing. View More →