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Nine Ways to Respond to God’s Word

Leslie Basham: Psalm 119 mentions the importance of keeping God’s Word.  In fact, it mentions it twenty-nine times. Nancy Leigh DeMoss says that means we need to pay attention.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Do you think if God says it twenty-nine times in one chapter that we need to keep His Word, obey His word? It makes me wonder, how many things do I know about God’s Word that I’m not doing.

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Tuesday, January 10.
Here’s Nancy in the series Revive Me According to Your Word, reflections on Psalm 119.

Nancy: I came across a blog post not too long ago by my friend Randy Alcorn. You probably know that name. He is a fabulous author and has just such a great heart for the Lord. I want to read you a rather lengthy segment from that post …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has touched the lives of millions of women through two nationally syndicated radio programs heard each day—Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him. Her books have sold more than five million copies. Through her writing, podcasts, … read more …