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How to Warn Your Kids of the Danger

Leslie Basham: When Dannah Gresh was getting ready to write the book Lies Girls Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free she conducted focus groups with moms and daughters.

Dannah Gresh: One of the prominent lies that I saw moms believing is that it was too soon to talk to their daughter about almost anything they labeled “a difficult topic.” So when we discussed that in our nationwide focus groups, mothers defended the fact that their daughters didn’t believe lies in those areas . . . so why would they bring it up? One mom said it this way.

Mom: Here’s my theory. If I don’t talk to my daughter about “fill-in-the-blank”: sex, gender, social media, depression, and eating disorders, then a lie won’t have the opportunity to present itself.”

Dannah: When she said that, I thought, Really? Really?! How do you know? If you don’t discuss a certain …

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