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How Can You Find True Peace?

Leslie Basham: When a woman named Gina got married, she saw no need to take on her husband's last name.

Gina: I told him that he was free to take on my last name and that we could both hyphenate. If he would expect me to take his name, then I should be able to expect him to take my name. That's how I thought as a feminist. Everything had to be equal. So I kept my maiden name when we got married.

Leslie: Today you’ll hear what led her to reconsider that decision.

This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Wednesday, December 12.

Peace. People sing about it, write about it, and hand out awards for it. But it seems like we can never achieve it. Or can we?

Later today we'll hear the story of Gina—a woman who discovered the source of true peace. You'll hear …

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