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Better than a New Year’s Resolution

Leslie Basham: Del Fehsenfeld says God wants every single part of your life to be growing.

Del Fehsenfeld: Sometimes when we think about health, particularly as Christians, we define spiritual health maybe a little more narrowly than we should. For example, most of us, if you’ve been around church at all or whatever, you’ve listened to the broadcast, you’ve heard the importance of reading your Bible and praying every day. These are incredibly fundamental rhythms in the spiritual life to grow because there isn’t growth without prayer and the Word. So those are incredible things to do.

But there are also different dimensions of our life that also impact us spiritually. Jesus created us to be body, soul, and spirit. He came and took on flesh, walked in our shoes. So when we look at the life of Christ, we see a picture of what it would look like to …

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