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God Is Writing a Story: Alexandra

Dannah Gresh: Are you ever tempted to look at teenagers and assume the worst? Maybe you look at statistics on vaping or social media addiction or the hook-up culture. Maybe you’re just tempted to think a whole generation is lost. We want to remind you: God is still calling people—calling teenagers—to Himself!

He’s calling young people and using them to speak to the world. We’re about to hear a story that will remind you of that. We’ll hear from a young woman named Alexandra. As a teenager, this is what her life was like.

Alexandra Gilman: At the tender age of thirteen, my heart was just so hungry for Jesus! I was so hungry just to know Him more!

Dannah: To fully appreciate that statement, we need to go back and start at the beginning, and that’s going to take us back to Russia! This is Revive Our Hearts for …

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