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Encouraging Men to Provide and Protect

Leslie Basham: Mary Kassian says that when a wife submits to her husband, it doesn’t mean she should never speak.

Mary Kassian: If I’m perceiving something, I need to tell my husband that. If I am sensing a “check,” spiritually, I need to tell my husband that. If I’m afraid we’re heading in the wrong direction, I need to tell him that. I need to give him all that input that God has put into me in a respectful manner that gives him as much information as he needs.

So we consult and we talk and we wrestle with things together; but ultimately, I know and understand that he has that responsibility on his shoulders. When we stand before Christ, He’s going to take Brent to the wall for what happened in our family.

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Wednesday, March 7. Is there …

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