Revive Our Hearts Podcast

Leslie Basham: At one of the True Woman Conference, Karen Loritts took the stage. She shared about the night her family began to walk through a deep, dark valley . . . 

Karen Loritts: I have never been so broken, in such despair, so worried about our little family, as I had been that night.

Leslie: Fern Nichols, from Moms in Touch, was in the auditorium that night.

Fern Nichols: What was so sweet about Karen as she spoke to the women was that she really bared her heart—that it's not always easy to be a true woman who trusts and obeys the Word. Her family is going through a very difficult time. But she shared how she chose to make decisions in light of being a true woman. It still is helping her, because the situation is not over, this hard time in her life. So she was very …

About the Teacher

Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts enjoys her four grown children and grandchildren. A speaker, teacher, and author, she has served in ministry since 1972 with her husband, Crawford.