When You Invest in Revive Our Hearts, You Invest in People

Revive Our Hearts is supported through the gifts of generous friends like you. Because we are confident you share our desire to see women set free in Christ, we want you to know that when you give to the ministry, your donation doesn’t just stay here. We look for like-minded ministries to give it to.

A Life Built on Christ, the Chief Cornerstone 

As a little girl, Jennifer Smith’s family teased her: “You were a mistake.” The sentence stuck in her heart. She began to not only believe that God makes mistakes; she thought she was one of them. When she was ten, Jennifer was abused by a Sunday school teacher. At eleven, she heard that drug use would make her feel better. At fifteen, she left home. By eighteen, she was a felon, trapped in a cycle few escape.

But Heaven rules.

At twenty-two years old, Jennifer became an inmate at a maximum security unit for women. She didn’t know Christ, but He knew her. He had placed her in McPherson Prison on purpose, knowing that one day she would refer to it as the best thing that could have happened to her.

On December 21, 2000, Jennifer walked into her cell and fell on her face before the living God. She said that if He could use her life and salvage what was left, it was His.

On May 31, 2011, when Jennifer was released from prison, she was a woman transformed by the gospel. God began providing opportunities for her to serve others, and the revival that started in her heart in cell 210B couldn’t be contained.

As Jennifer began casting a vision for what would become Cornerstone Transition Home, Revive Our Hearts came alongside her, providing prayer and financial support. Without a $25,000 gift from ROH, Cornerstone would not have been able to open their doors on December 12, 2016. Since then, Cornerstone has helped women transition out of prison and back into society. While residents at Cornerstone, women receive help with employment, family unification, and practical support in living a life surrendered to Christ.

In the past year, Cornerstone has expanded! In a recent episode of Grounded, Jennifer shared some of the new ways God is growing their ministry and transforming the entire community: one woman at a time. Scan the QR code to watch Jennifer’s interview with Erin Davis on Grounded, and stay tuned for a special new video about Cornerstone that will air at True Woman ’22. 

Each Bag Tells a Story 

It started with one woman.

The Revive Our Hearts team first met Suria in 2019 on a trip to South Africa. Her passion to see women thrive in Christ was obvious—and infectious. Though she was already busy serving others, Suria took on the role of Revive Our Hearts Ambassador and started calling women in South Africa to experience freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.

Her desire to see women set free from spiritual bondage fueled Suria’s passion to see those experiencing literal slavery emancipated. She introduced the Revive Our Hearts team to the work of Azaria Sewing, a ministry that employs women who are vulnerable to prostitution and human trafficking, providing sustainable income for them and their families.

Every woman attending True Woman ’22 in Indianapolis will be gifted a bag sewn by a woman employed by Azaria Sewing. Each woman is precious in the sight of God and worthy to experience the freedom that comes through knowing and embracing His Word. Upon completion, each bag was transported more than eight thousand miles, tucked into the suitcases of a variety of individuals and ministries. Stitched into the fabric of each one are the hopes, fears, triumphs, and tragedies of a sister in Christ whose life showcases the beautiful truth that Heaven rules. 

Changing Lives in a "Closed" Country 

Vietnam, one of the few remaining communist countries in the world, is a place of recent focus for our ministry. In this “closed” country of 97 million people, Protestants make up less than 1 percent of the population. Despite this environment hostile to the gospel, women there are hungry to know Christ and the Word of God. With the blessing of radio and digital technologies, the gospel is making its way into Vietnam with over three hundred thousand listening and viewing content on mobile devices.

Earlier this year, Revive Our Hearts initiated a partnership that is translating 260 of Nancy’s teaching programs—on revival, biblical womanhood, and women of the Bible—into Vietnamese. A majority of these programs have already been translated and require little adaptation. In addition, seventeen videos have also been subtitled and will be distributed as all of this content is delivered to listeners in the coming months.

What makes this outreach unique is that while sound Bible teaching for Vietnamese listeners exists, biblical teaching content for women by a woman teacher has been nonexistent. Most of those listening via digital devices are women, so Revive Our Hearts is meeting that need by providing content for them.

As this partnership continues to develop, pray that God will exponentially expand the impact of this teaching and do what only He can—change many lives for His glory. When you support Revive Our Hearts through prayer and giving, you’re helping the women of Vietnam and beyond experience freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.